Freddy’s Fan Fiction, “Lev Neg-1”

Just for you new to my podcast, Freddy’s Fan Fiction, I thought I’d let you read one of the stories made exclusively for my show. Fair warning: it’s a bit NSFW, but I think you’ll get a kick out of it. You can check out the audio version of this and other fan fictions as my guests and I dramatically read them for the first time. Here’s the link. Enjoy!

Tree is a Tree

A little back story here-A good friend of mine, known to me as EmEfferson, has a show called “Freddy’s Fan Fiction”. It’s broadcast live, and consists of a panel of guests reading Fan Fiction. At the end of the episode, the guests pick elements to be included in a new, original work of fan fiction, written by one of the guests. Two weeks ago, I was given the elements “The Mario Universe, Dinosaurs, Clowns and Bangin'”. For some reason it occurred to me to write it first-person, noir/crime fic style. This was the result. Enjoy.

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