Episode 8 of Freddy’s Fan Fiction

Hey, just a heads up to all of my new (and old) followers that I do a show every other week called Freddy’s Fan Fiction.  I take the best and worst of fan fiction that I can find on the web.  Then I gather some guests together and we all dramatically read the stories.  None of the guests are allowed to read the stories ahead of time, so it’s pretty rare for them to be able to get through more than a few paragraphs without cracking up.

Also, at the end of each episode, there’s a fan fiction written by one of the guests exclusively for the show.  Everyone else gets to pick the writing prompts, and they have two weeks to present their monstrosity.

Tonight is Episode 8 of Freddy’s Fan Fiction.  Govneh will be a guest, and her husband Shaun will be too (and it’s his story that gets to be told tonight).  A couple of other guests will be there as well.  Matt is a veteran guest, and he’s super funny.  Shareece is new to all of this, but I have confidence that she’ll kick ass too.

You can read along with the show, too!  I encourage you to not read ahead, so you get the same candid surprise as the guests.  It’ll be like you’re right here with us!

Please tell all your friends about this show.  Subscribe to my YouTube channel or through iTunes.  Read along with us.  Have a good time!


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