Read Along with Episode 14 of Freddy’s Fan Fiction

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS EPISODE IS NOW POSTPONED UNTIL WEDNESDAY NEXT WEEK.  There were gremlins all over my plans, and they finally won this time.


This episode, we salute the antics of the royal family.  They made a baby, which is a newsworthy miracle!  Watch the show on our YouTube channel while you read along with us!  We plan on starting the live broadcast around 9pm Central time.  But don’t fret if you miss the live show!  You can always watch the recording at your leisure.  Follow the Twitter feed for any last minute updates.

Story 1:  Doppelgangers by Jestana

Story 2:  Reluctant Merlin by rsadelle

Story 3:  Turtle Trouble by Silmaril1701

Story 4: Something Strange in… Peru?  by Haley

“ Hello, my name is Jack S. Wallace with Kuzko productions,” orated the young documentarian. “Wowzers, it’s just such a pleasure to meet you sirs! Who would have thought the Ghostbusters themselves would be in Peru and I get to interview them, I mean you….sirs! It’s like god brought you here…”

“We are not on a mission from Gad,” pronounced Dr. Raymond Stantz.

“An unseen divine entity did not lead us here, but science. I am intrigued by this ghost,” holds up Ghost Trap, “the ectoplasm alone has fascinating properties. The levels of…”

Interrupted by Dr Peter Venkman, “Thanks Dr. Dweebon, but…”

“My name is Dr Egon Spengler…”

“I’m sure the kid would be more interested in our SAVING THE WORLD from the Alpacalips than your statistical…”

“Actually, Goh…”

“It all started at the zoo…” opined Vankman.


A sweeping wide-angled shot of Central Park Zoo zooms in on the White-Faced Capuchin cages where Squirrel Monkeys are seen joining a massive monkey orgy with one large, male Capuchin encourages the strange behavior. Capuchins and Squirrel monkeys are known to eat together but interspecies copulation is unheard of in these communities. Although it is known that a Capuchin may use a Squirrel monkey as a projectile when threatened never has one been thrown into a sexual act.

The Zoo stirs with illogical acts.

The Ghostbusters dart in with their Proton Packs at the ready and the PKE Meters beeping.

“Hey, short, smelly, and sexually frustrated, over here,” Venkman Shouts to get the attention of the possessed monkey. The possessed drives its host toward the Ghostbusters and thru the ghost extraction field separating them. Venkman is slimed again, this time instead of whining he starts eyeing a giraffe across the way. Raymond and Egon discuss the slime as Winston restrains Venkman.


Cut to Peru where the amourous apparition inserts itself into a near by Alpaca. This time instead of an orgy the Alpaca falls to its knees, spits, and shakes its head as the rest of the herd follows. All heads turn slowly toward the Ghostbusters as they get up. Hugh Spector flys right into the ghost trap screaming.

The Alpha Alpaca pronounces, “Most of you were sweet, especially your prego women, but now that my brethren have been awakened from our curse you may call me High Lord Al Pacchino!”

“And you may call me Gohan!” proclaimed a booming voice from above.

A overly dramatic stare off begins.

“You cannot defeat all of us GoHAN!”

Unwavering stare.

Ray panics and discharges, but the blast is deflected by some invisible field around the herd.

The herd starts making motions like a pornstar after having dental work done. A storm of green spit hurls towards Gohan with strange yellow light trails. Gohan evades the attack easily, but a clutch of trees melts into the rock behind them.

“That all?” Gohan says as he flys at the herd in a gale of punches and kicks which somehow braids a long rope of vegetation that he harnesses the Alpacas with and rides them off into space.


“When the going gets tough, the Ghostbusters save the world, again!” claimed Venkman while the other three busters roll their eyes, turn to walk away and discuss the merits of a well balanced dinner.

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