Cement Shoe Network Presents: Meet the Neighbors

This is something that has been brewing for a while, and I’m glad to see that it has finally hatched. (mixed metaphor, anyone?)

Anyway, you need to get your story / idea / burning pile of words to the lovely Govneh. She’ll make sure your voice is heard!

Where All Bad Kristins Go To Die

I’ve had a project I’ve wanted to launch for a while and I’m getting the feeling that Now Is The Time. Although the network is going through some hiccups, I still see a great future for it once everybody’s lives get evened out.

But in the meantime may I introduce to you the latest addition to the Cement Shoe Podcast Network: Meet the Neighbors!

Meet the Neighbors will be a show wherein myself and the other Cement Shoe hosts read letters written to the world, submitted by anybody and everybody. We all have things we’d like to tell the world and the world is notoriously bad at listening. Not everybody has a platform or a voice and, although small, I want Cement Shoe to make one available for people who wish to participate.

How much listening do you do? Do you ever take time to stop and wonder what somebody…

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