I initially wanted to say something profound or clever. Something from a different angle.

But Mother’s Day is a moment where we all step back and acknowledge that most of us would have been maimed by our own stupid toddler hubris, or grown up more rude and demanding, or felt alone and unloved, if it weren’t for our mother or the people who stepped up to be the role of mother.

I am who I am today because of my mother. My kindness was learned from her, my pursuit of knowledge and my sense of humor were kindled by her. My inner strength was inspired and reinforced by her. I’m proud to be her son.

And then there’s the other mother in my life. The mother to kiddo. The one who guides me and shows me how to be a positive force in the life of kiddo. She teaches patience, forgiveness, kindness, curiosity, and unfailing unconditional love. Kiddo is blessed to have her in my life, just as I and so many others are.

Thank you, mothers. All of you, in whatever form you take.

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