I Am Batman

No, I haven’t been playing that game for way too long.  I’ve already beaten it.  It was fun, but too short.  Here’s how it really is:  I’m home in Worthington now for the Labor Day weekend.  And the moment I get home, I see the door to the house propped open.  It’s because there’s a […]

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In my continuing rotation around the different departments at work, I spent my first day at the Elevator department.  It’s not disclosing company secrets to say that the corn silos are really really tall.  The superintendent was impressed that I was not freaking out about being up so high, while only having some see-through pieces […]

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I’m Lost

I’ve been told I’m one of the Lost.  Not in the cool way, like on a primetime scifi TV show.  This is in the “Not Christian” way.  I guess if that’s what Lost means, then they are right.  But I hate that term.  Because I’m not lost. I’m as much on track as any other […]

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Time to tidy up

This only happens once a month here.  My trophy wife is able to make it over from her place to my place and we can see each other.  She gets two weekends off a month, so one weekend I go over, and the other she comes here.  That means I have to clean.  My apartment […]

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First Draft

If you don’t know me very well, know this: I like to brew. Beer, specifically. When touring the different departments around the plant, I would occasionally mention my hobby when the subject came up.  Sorry, I lied.  I pretty much told anyone who would listen about my obsession.  I did some tests on a sample […]

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Recovery Day

I write this as I’m recovering from a cold/flu/plague.  Good thing we have modern medicine and the scientific method.  I was able to obtain a wonderous antibiotic called “Augmentin”.  My wife-doctor informed me that it was just amoxicillin, augmented with “Clavulanate Potassium”.  I don’t know how to pronounce that either, but it’s sufficient to say […]

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