The place I work, which will remain nameless until I finally leave it, is a gas station that serves hot food.  This hot food has to be ready for any customer whenever they want it.  The majority of this food is pizza slices, and they can only be left in the food warmer for 90 […]

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Cheat Day

I’ve been doing things lately to make myself a bit more healthy.  I’ve been eating much better.  I especially have forced myself to eat nothing (or at least very little) from the gas station I work at.  We make pizza and hot dogs and all the other carnival food that many Americans just consider ‘lunch’. […]

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I get to cook tonight

I don’t honestly have anything planned for today’s blog.  I’d recommend you check out Govneh’s blog for some actual intellectual content. Instead, I’m going to tell you what I’m making for dinner, since my woman and I get to sit down for a meal tonight for the first time in what seems like way too […]

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