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Thousand Year Old Vampire (Part II)

Our adventure about Isabeau the newly-created vampire continues! This is a story being told using the game Thousand Year Old Vampire. If this is the first you’ve seen of this adventure, I suggest that you read Part I of this adventure where we describe Isabeau’s mortal life and the event that turned her down the undying path.

At this point, Tara and I have some ideas about how this will progress, but since we’ve never played this game, we have no idea what to expect.

We chose the birth year 1412 so she can have the potential to meet the greats of the Renaissance, specifically Leonardo Da Vinci. And there’s the possibility of bringing the game beyond history into modern times, and even into the future!

Nothing is guaranteed, though. This vampire could live the titular Thousand Years, or she could end up staked through the heart after a mere century or so.

The next thing to do is to go to the very first prompt (where all Vampires in this game begin).

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Thousand Year Old Vampire (Part I)

I’ve always had an itch to play Role Playing Games, but the actual play has been limited to when a group can get together on a regular basis. As an adult with a job, and with my friends as adults with jobs, it’s possible to do, but never really spontaneous.

Then I heard of this game, Thousand Year Old Vampire by Tim Hutchings. Only one player needed. The idea of the game is to tell the story of the entire tragic life of a vampire. Never played it before, but it sounds like my kind of nebulous nerdiness. I also like dark stories, and this will scratch an itch.


I initially wanted to say something profound or clever. Something from a different angle.

But Mother’s Day is a moment where we all step back and acknowledge that most of us would have been maimed by our own stupid toddler hubris, or grown up more rude and demanding, or felt alone and unloved, if it weren’t for our mother or the people who stepped up to be the role of mother.

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Tree frog clinging to inside wall of mailbox

How to Properly Perform a New Home Freakout

We bought a house last week.  WE BOUGHT A HOUSE LAST WEEK!!

And so, that means getting things moved in, getting walls painted the proper shade of whatever color you want them to be, and generally running around like a completely unorganized, excited, tired person.

We had four visitors of note, (one actual human) with varying degrees of auspiciousness.