Yearly check-in time

It’s true! I’m still here. I’m posting. And LOL at that title, it’s been far more than a year since I’ve pinned something to this blog. Plenty has happened in the meantime, and I feel like I’m more inclined to check in and write here more frequently. I’ve gotten a different job. Still using my […]

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VOTE (for Beto)

It’s that time again, when we are asked to do our civic duty and pick the people who will run our nation. Since we totally fucked up two years ago, it’s time to fix it. This is no time to go third party. First priority is the GOP out, which means vote Dem. Then we […]

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Muh Face Hurts

I had the privilege yesterday of getting some minor dental work done.  Don’t ask me the name of the procedure, but it involves a bone graft, where they take a tiny drill and make holes down to the marrow. (Brief tangent to say that whoever invented local anesthesia should get a prestigious award, if that […]

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A New Matriarch

We have a new member of the family. She’s an older kitty named Crackers. She’s sweet and cuddly and very fluffy. We didn’t expect her, but I’m glad we have her. Welcome, Crackers!

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Ten Years

Ten years ago, my father, Kyle, passed away. I’m regularly reminded of him, especially around this time of year. I smell yet another pot of coffee brewing, no matter the time of day. I hear the sound of his laughter and endless conversation over coffee. I see the wires and microphones and the blue wisps […]

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Back in the rotation

I’m putting this album back in the rotation. I have good memories of this album. I got lost in it when I needed to escape reality a few years (or more) ago. Thankfully I don’t find myself in a miserable position anymore, but I still appreciate the music.

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Summer is almost over

Summer down where I live now is like winter where I used to live: If you stay outside too long, the environment will kill you. It’s strange to have cabin fever while staring out the window at the green grass. But just yesterday, I was able to get outside and run. I did exercise outside […]

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I initially wanted to say something profound or clever. Something from a different angle. But Mother’s Day is a moment where we all step back and acknowledge that most of us would have been maimed by our own stupid toddler hubris, or grown up more rude and demanding, or felt alone and unloved, if it […]

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