Do Things

This post might get a bit more personal than others.  If you’re not into that sort of thing, skip this one. I spoke a few days ago with a very good friend about nothing in particular, when we came upon the topic of doing things while you have the time to do them.  I’ve puttered […]

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Daylight Savings: The Dumbest Idea

I know, let’s arbitrarily shift time one hour forward.  Why?  For a reason, I’m sure.  Something to do with farmers wanting more hours to work in the daylight, if I remember correctly, which I’m sure I don’t because it’s Ass O’Clock in the morning and I had to wake up even earlier in the morning […]

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A little bit of everything

I know that I promised to write up a review of Stephen Blackmoore’s new book Dead Things, but I still need a little more time to think and edit the post so it looks all profound and stuff. Instead, I’ll tell you what I made last night.  Well, that’s not entirely accurate.  This is something I […]

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Casualty of Job

The following post is just to catch you all up on my story, so you’re not left wondering what the hell I’m talking about in my future posts. My previous job, as an engineer in a corn ethanol facility, was filled with danger.  There’s the inherent dangers of any industrial environment, like big heavy things […]

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The people I meet at work

I’m going to mainly talk about the few people who I remember and come in at least once a day.  They may be specific people, or they may be a specific type of person.  I don’t know anyone’s name yet, because I haven’t worked there long enough, and because my interaction with them is so […]

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