My Key

With all of the crazy stuff these days happening with the intrusion of government on our right to privacy and the surveillance state that’s been built here in the US, I thought I’d talk about something that’s important to me.  We need to be able to talk to each other without someone else listening in, […]

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Significance of the Fourth

The Fourth Amendment, that is.  It’s the amendement in the US Constitution (it’s been there since the very beginning) that guarantees a citizen’s right to privacy and unreasonable searches.  The US Government has been unlawfully spying on all of its citizens.  We need to make the government aware that this is not acceptable. There are […]

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How to change things

Yesterday, the internet was just buzzing about things that have been happening for years.  Namely, it was the revelation that Verizon has been ordered by the US government to give the NSA all information about every phone call ever made for three months (like who was calling whom, how long the call lasted, where the calls were coming […]

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