I wrote a Fan Fic

Okay, you guys know by now that I have a show called Freddy’s Fan Fiction.  One of the things that is done on the show is a guest-written fan fiction.  Well, this time, I insisted that I write one instead of my guests.  So they gave me some ridiculous prompts (though not any more ridiculous […]

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Organizing the Unorganizable

Hi, I’m Matt.  And I am not organized. Yes, I know, I should have told you to sit down before dropping that bomb on you.  You may say to me, “But Matt, you write amazing posts every day and tell us about the cool shit you do all the time.” And I would reply to […]

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Freddy’s Fan Fiction Episode 5

Freddy’s Fan Fiction Episode 5 I’m still recovering from illness and such, and last night’s episode took it all out of me.  So go and check out that link.  Fair warning, there’s some NSFW language and a few NSFW situations in this show.  Also, we get a bit irreverent about Anne Frank, so if you […]

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