I’m back from not caring

A couple of years ago I stopped making posts on this blog (you can see exactly how long ago by seeing the date of my previous post), because I was pretty sure I had nothing to contribute.  At the time, I was right about that.  I can’t be sure that I’ll be any better this time.

But I’m making things now.  Being creative with things and stuff.  I made a card game called Child Beauty Pageant Tycoon, which is currently failing at being a fully funded Kickstarter project.  I’m also making a podcast called Freddy’s Fan Fiction, where my friends and I dramatically read fan fiction.  We also make our own original content on the show, and what little we’ve made so far has been really entertaining.

It’s amazing what kind of great creative things you can do when you’ve got super supportive friends.  It also helps to not have a job.

Oh yeah.  I got laid off last year.  Cost-cutting at the mega-corp.  They didn’t need that many engineers in that department, and I was lowest on the totem pole, so out I go.  Sucked.  But now I have an excuse to live with my woman now!  So it doesn’t suck so much.

Because of my situation, I’ve gotten a job at a gas station.  A nameless gas station in a nameless town.  It pays a whole lot less than my engineering job, but it’s very temporary, since my wife and I know that we’ll be moving away in about a year.  Hard to get an engineering job if you’re not going to be sticking around much past the training phase.  So gas station it is.

So now I intend this blog to be partially my observations of working at a gas station.  Of the people who come in for their very first job.  The customers who I get to know from their buying habits.  Also, the bullshit that someone in a bottom-rung job has to go through to work their way up in the world.

I’ve been in charge of a sophisticated chemical facility, and now I’m in charge of a mop.  I think I might have a story to tell.  I hope you take the time to sit down and listen for a bit.  I hope to get to know you.

Take care!


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