The fun part of life

We all know that we have to work to live, unless you’re one of those bastards who are born rich, in which case, screw you.  We live for the days off.  That’s what I’m at again today.  Living my life the way I want it to be lived.  Last night I got to chat with my sister for the first time in a long time.  She lives in Australia, so sometimes it’s difficult for our schedules to line up so we can talk.  Also, I was on a Google+ hangout with new and old friends playing a tabletop pen and paper RPG.  It works remarkably well.  Google+ hangouts have singlehandedly allowed me to do RPG gaming again.  I’ll be doing another gaming session tonight.  YAY!

Because of a lower back sprain, I’m taking it easy and not brewing beer today.  It kinda sucks, because I was looking forward to beer, but I was more looking forward to not re-straining my back.  Brewing frequently requires picking up very heavy things.  And sometimes those heavy things are 6-gallon pots of boiling proto-beer.  I can just visualize my back giving out at the very wrong moment and pitching me and the boiling sugar water over and I end up with second and third degree burns over most of my body, disfiguring me for life, and my wife leaves me for someone less horrifically scarred, and I end up a homeless beggar being spat upon by society all because I had to rush and make beer at the wrong time.

Instead of that, I’ve been reading a book.  I’ll tell you all about the beer making when I actually get better and do it.  The book I’ve been reading is the second Stephen Blackmoore book I’ve read, called Dead Things.  I’m reading it because I really enjoyed his first book, City of the Lost.  I’ll try to have a review of both of those when I finish Dead Things.  So far, I’ve really been digging it.  Also, I just got a package in the mail that contained two books from an author I haven’t even read yet.  The books are Blackbirds and Mockingbird by Chuck Wendig.  My Twitter friends have really been raving about his work, so I started reading his blog.  His writing style and attitude appealed to me, so I picked them up.  Probably will dive right into them once I’m finished with Dead Things. 

My latest worlds

This is what I like in life.  Imagining new worlds and situations.  Hanging out with friends and family, having time alone to lose myself in a book.  Hopefully I’ll be able to work my way back into shape to get into the craft of brewing delicious beer.  Making things imbues me with pride and accomplishment like nothing else.  What else is there in this world than to take the base materials of it and make it into something everyone will enjoy?  Have fun, make something, and see you later!

2 thoughts on “The fun part of life

  1. Thanks to you my To-Read pile has grown even larger. The covers of Blackbirds and Mockingbird are absolutely amazing, and I just looked up the synopsis on Goodreads; definitely my kind of books! =D


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