The Gun Debate

Whoa. Reason and thoughtful communication? What is this, some kind of radical centrist movement?

Where All Bad Kristins Go To Die

In general, I try to avoid this topic entirely. It’s so hot button for people and I think that might be part of the overall problem. I guess my thoughts are more on extreme thinking, in that regard, and less about guns in general.

I didn’t grow up with guns so much as I grew up where guns were present. They were locked away and off limits but still, we all knew they were there. My husband grew up with guns a lot more so than I ever did. He has a gun his grandfather made for him, as well as the gun his grandfather made for my husband’s mother. We actually have a number of guns that we next to never shoot, but they’re guns his grandfather made and important to the family. We never asked for them, but when they had to be out of his mother’s house…

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