As A Human

You don’t have to be skilled to save a life. You just have to give a shit.

Where All Bad Kristins Go To Die

Today was supposed to be rough. I knew I had to get up before dawn, hit two jobs up north, then hit one more back up in the mountains. I was destined to drive for 8-10 hours and do three jobs in between, while trying to get close enough back home to hang out with the family tomorrow.

This kind of hard I can manage. Getting up early, driving, and working is just part of life. The day was just going to be long. That was okay-we have a good life with the business, even if it does mean crazy plans and long hours some days.

So, I made it to my parent’s shop at 8 and met up with my dad. He was going to have me follow him to the first job, out on a buffalo ranch. We hadn’t made it a mile down the road when he…

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