Oh man there’s a lot of water

It’s supposed to rain this whole week.  It’s rained a lot the past couple of weeks.

I woke up yesterday morning to my bed shaking because of a very very close lightning strike.

Our rented house is gleefully showing where all the cracks in the basement are forming.  I should start naming the rivers that are coming out of the walls.

The grass is sucking this up and growing faster than I can mow it.

The nearby rivers are breaking their banks and we’re in a flood warning until Saturday. (don’t worry we’re on high-ish ground)

Our plot in the community garden should have been planted with rice.

Car washes are laughably futile.

I’ve set out cups of ice water, and more water has condensed and dripped off that cup than the cup actually contains.

The air conditioning at work is struggling and failing, so my uniform is more of a ‘swamp blanket’.

There are no signs of it ending.  Good thing I know how to swim.