Hacking the Gibson

Raise your hand if you know where that reference comes from!  And then tell me, because I can’t remember, and I’m weirdly refusing to Google it.

Anyway, I’ve decided to do something I’ve never done before.  That is, I’m going to work on making a Hack of Apocalypse World.  To those of you who just experienced “word salad” just now, let me explain.  Apocalypse World is an RPG (Role Playing Game, you might be more familiar with another RPG called Dungeons & Dragons) that takes place in the apocalypse, and you the player have to try to figure out a way to scrape your way through life in its Mad Max world.  A hack is an alteration of the game in such a way that you can play as a completely different character and / or play in a completely different setting.  When those types of things change, the rules consequently have to change to reflect the different things going on.

There are lots of hacks out there like Dungeon World, Monsterhearts, tremulus, etc...  I’m gonna add to this list, hopefully.  It’s a very hack-friendly game, and in fact the creator of the game created a section in the rule book with basic instructions on how to hack it and encouraged everyone to share what they had made.  I just started mine over the weekend, and I have some neato ideas for it.  Once it gets a bit more solid, I’ll share some of it on this here blog, and I’d even request some feedback / criticism of it when I put it up.

Also, in completely different news, I picked up the latest Netrunner expansion, Creation and Control.  If you’re not playing Netrunner, you are a failed nerd (j/k, you like what you like, fuck the haters).  But still, if you like board or card games (especially if you’re a fan of Magic the Gathering), then I’d recommend you give it a looksee.

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