When governments make themselves into the enemy

When governments make themselves into the enemy

When a government uses its power to harass journalists and their friends and family, they are bullies.  When they, for no practical reason, steal equipment or raid facilities to destroy hard drives that they know for a fact is backed up somewhere else, they are thieves and vandals.  I know that this is happening in the UK.  But it certainly can and will happen in the US.  The Patriot Act allows for it, and the secret courts and secret laws very likely allow for it.  

A government that creates laws that lets them get away with such appalling behavior is misbehaving and has forgotten their place.  Governments are the servants of the people, not the masters.  Governments who vote in those laws, saying that they “promise” they’ll use it only for good and that we should have faith that they won’t abuse this power have given a loaded gun to any future administration.  

When we can’t see what they’re doing with their powers, and when they refuse to even inform our representatives what they’re voting on, then we must assume that they are no longer working in our interest.  We should never trust an organization that has a long history of ethical misdeeds and bureaucratic soullessness with our privacy and safety.  

When the foundation of our government, the Constitution, can be ignored just this once, it sets a very dangerous precedent.  Once the Constitution is ignored by our government, then they are no longer our government.  They are just thugs with the infrastructure to take everything from you.

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