Hey I’m Over Here!

So, I may have been remiss in updating this blog.  There actually is a legit reason for it.  I’m lazy.

No, seriously, I’m lazy.  I can write a blog like mine during what I like to call my “introspective bathroom moment”.  That’s where I sit on the toilet and pretend to go deep into my psyche and reflect on my life and my choices up to this point.  What I’m actually doing is watching silly videos on YouTube while pooping (we live in the future).

I could be using that time to fling words onto a page, but I haven’t been doing that.  I believe it’s because I had been holding myself to an arbitrary self-imposed demand – that I post at least something every weekday.  That resulted in me sometimes posting crap or going on a desperate scramble to find something to re-blog.  I’ve become honest enough with myself to know that I can’t fire on all cylinders all the time.  So I’ll protect you from the dregs of my shallow barrel of wisdom and instead hold myself to the following self-imposed demand – Post only when you think you have something interesting or funny to say.

So I will.  You may not see me write something every weekday (but I might).  If you see nothing from me, that means you are still getting the best of me.  Sometimes the best of me is nothing.

As an update to what the hell has been happening in my life, I guess you could say that I’ve flanked and surrounded a job, and I believe that I’ll be getting a regular paycheck via the siege method.  The employer will have no choice but to continue paying me.  I know that sounds vague.  It’s because I don’t want to look like a fool by saying I officially have a job, and then the next day saying I was dumb and wrong.

I’ll just say that this newest job is not a goddamned gas station.  Holy shit did that suck.  NEVER AGAIN.

I’ve also been continuing with one of my favorite ongoing projects, Freddy’s Fan Fiction.  Recently, my guests and I began reading one of the most… how can I say this delicately… unintentionally hilarious Fan Fictions I have ever had the fortune of reading.  I really suggest you give this one a look on my YouTube channel.  You can also read along with us, just so you know what we’re losing our shit about.  We began drinking the hard liquor very early in that episode.

Also, be sure to check out the brand-newest blog from my friend Matt!  He’s pretty hilarious, and you’ve probably seen him on my show (if you watch my show, that is).

Hope you keep reading me.  I like writing to you.  You should even write back once in a while!

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