I’m back from not caring

A couple of years ago I stopped making posts on this blog (you can see exactly how long ago by seeing the date of my previous post), because I was pretty sure I had nothing to contribute.  At the time, I was right about that.  I can’t be sure that I’ll be any better this […]

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Not like the amazing comedy zombie movie, but how I’m feeling right now, between rotating shiftwork.  I really am not a fan of a 7pm to 7am shift.  Who thinks of these?  At around 4am, my brain has resorted to begging for sleep.  I think it nearly started beating the backs of my eyeballs.  I […]

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I Made it Back

Yeah, I forgot about writing on this blog.  Gonna have to remember to do this.  I made it back from Australia.  It was totally kickin!  That’s 4 continents I’ve visited – only 3 left.

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Gonna Fly

I love traveling. I just finished a work trip to the place my heart calls home. It was difficult to leave the friends I have there, and it’s more difficult knowing that I might never see some of them again. I’m at an airport on my way back. Flying alone away from friends is cruel. […]

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Motivated to Write

I’m motivated to get to writing my story. I’ve got a few ideas brewing in my head, but the motivation only seems to happen when I’m at my day job. How do I go about keeping that motivation after work is finished? Sometimes I’m exhausted, sometimes I have to go to the gym, but there’s […]

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Magnet of Woo

Bear with me – I’m writing this on my blackberry, so it’ll be short. I’ve been ‘discussing’ some topics on my facebook page after I posted a link from a guy who made a list of what skeptics (like me) really believe. Most people I know agreed with me (big surprise there) that this particular […]

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Hey Look! No Readers!

Not that I expect any.  I don’t advertise, nor have I even told my friends or even my wife about this blog.  I am just writing stuff down. I may have to get my act together, though.  I just realized today that this month is NaNoWriMo.  I am writing a novel.  I use that phrase […]

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Officially Driving the Booze Bus

I arrived at work this morning, just myself and the other engineer in the alcohol department.  The superintendent took a three-day weekend, and he’ll be back tomorrow.  I learned that my partner, the one who has been showing me the ropes for the past month, has been relocated to a different plant.  He stayed for […]

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