Recovery Day

I write this as I’m recovering from a cold/flu/plague.  Good thing we have modern medicine and the scientific method.  I was able to obtain a wonderous antibiotic called “Augmentin”.  My wife-doctor informed me that it was just amoxicillin, augmented with “Clavulanate Potassium”.  I don’t know how to pronounce that either, but it’s sufficient to say that before germs get brutally murdered by the amoxicillin, they get kicked in their tiny teeth as well.

In order to get my drugs, I had to venture to Wal-Mart.  It was there that I encountered the Fattest Woman in the World™.  You know those huge electric scooter chairs for people who can’t walk?  She certainly couldn’t walk.  She was at least three to four times larger than me.  And she looked angry.  I don’t blame her.

On the way back from this journey, I had to stop for the train.  It was just sitting across the street.  Nothing unusual.  Kind of annoying.  The only thing worth mentioning about this is that there was an impatient man.  He was out for his run, and by golly, no train was gonna stop him, so he jumped between the railcars.  At work, we get warnings about people who are actually cautious around trains, but still get parts of their bodies crushed off because TRAINS ARE HUGE AND THEY HATE PEOPLE.  I am going to assume that this running man is dumb.  No other explanation.

That was the excitement.  I stayed home per doctors orders (not wife-doctor, but local doctor) and just rested so the drug could do its thing and go on a microbial murdering rampage in my sinuses.  Boy does it feel good.

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