Summer is almost over

Summer down where I live now is like winter where I used to live: If you stay outside too long, the environment will kill you. It’s strange to have cabin fever while staring out the window at the green grass. But just yesterday, I was able to get outside and run. I did exercise outside […]

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Post Triathlon 

So, my butt hurts. Biking will do that. Yeah, I trained, but where I live now is pretty flat, and the biking portion for the event was quite hilly.  As I started, I didn’t think I could finish. I was struggling, and I had barely started pedaling. But Tara inspired me to keep going and […]

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Heat Stroke

It’s hot out here (and I’m sure it’s pretty hot where you are too, if you live in the US).  I’ve been bad and didn’t run for a few weeks.  I realized that I needed to get a few runs under my belt before I ran in this weekend’s Color Run here in Des Moines. […]

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Blank Page

Here I am with my blog in front of me.  A blank white page waiting for me to fill it.  What do I put in it?  Do I tell you yet again what I did yesterday?  Do I complain about work again?  Do I tell you how good I feel after running? I suppose I’ll […]

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No Excuses

Short post today.  I’m just writing about what it’s been like out here in Iowa-land for the past couple of days, and what it’s meant for me and my running. I’d like you to take a look at the date of this post.  It’s May 3rd, 2013.  And then I’d like you to take a […]

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Cheat Day

I’ve been doing things lately to make myself a bit more healthy.  I’ve been eating much better.  I especially have forced myself to eat nothing (or at least very little) from the gas station I work at.  We make pizza and hot dogs and all the other carnival food that many Americans just consider ‘lunch’. […]

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The Echo Chamber

You’ve all seen it.  Or at least you’ve heard about it.  Maybe you’re one of the folks who contribute to it.  It’s the Echo Chamber.  These days it’s mainly on television and the internet.  If it’s happening on TV, it’s usually when the talking heads are screaming at each other or at imaginary opponents or ideas.  […]

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The Helpers

I want to crawl into a hole.  I want to plug my ears and make it go away.  What makes a person do this to other people?  Are there more people out there like that?  I’m talking about the bombing of the Boston Marathon.  Peoples’ lives erased or changed forever.  What’s the use in feeling […]

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It’s been raining a lot here lately. We certainly need it after years of drought, but it seems to be coming all at once.  I’m fortunate to be in Iowa, because my homestates of South Dakota and Minnesota are getting pummeled by the same system, though they’re receiving it in the form of enormous amounts […]

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