Blank Page

Here I am with my blog in front of me.  A blank white page waiting for me to fill it.  What do I put in it?  Do I tell you yet again what I did yesterday?  Do I complain about work again?  Do I tell you how good I feel after running?

I suppose I’ll go with that.  I run.  I don’t actually know a lot of runners.  Not since High School.  I have a few online friends that are getting fit and running is part of their regimen.  But I mainly just run.  I might do some weight training occasionally.  Still, I feel most at home when I’m just moving along.

And it’s paying off.  I’ve lost about 25 pounds in the last couple of months.  I credit my running along with not eating total crap food.  It’s difficult to do that when working at a gas station.  We make ‘fresh food’, and any that doesn’t sell within 90 minutes gets thrown away and replaced with a new batch of fresh food.  When I first started, I just ate what would have been thrown away.  It was tasty stuff like pizza and egg rolls and hamburgers.  Now I can’t even stand to think about eating them any more.  I just go to work, head to the soda fountain and pour myself a big glass of ice water.

It has worked wonders.  Even yesterday, as I was visiting my lovely wife in the surgery resident’s lounge, one of the other residents noticed and told me that I was looking good.  Ladies, take note: Guys want to look good just as much as you do.  We are just as vain and insecure as you are.  It’s a damn stupid human thing, but I’m harnessing it to get fit.

Imagine that.  Eating right and exercising will cause a person to burn fat and get in shape!  If only someone had told me that before.

2 thoughts on “Blank Page

  1. I’m always amused when it comes back to that. “How’d you lose weight/how do you stay skinny?” Well…eat less, move more. I know it’s more complicated for some people, but the majority? That’s the answer. It’s not easy, but I feel so much better for it.


  2. Everyone wants to know the shortcuts. There really isn’t one. It’s a lot of work. Half of the reason I run is the pride I feel in knowing that my will is driving this machine.

    When I’m running, I like to visualize myself as a marble statue. Each step I take is the strike of a hammer on a chisel, refining me and taking me a bit closer to perfection.

    Feels good.


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