Oh Crap This Is Still Here

That’s right, I still have a blog. No, no, I didn’t just forget that I had a blog.  I’m just really really bad at keeping some kind of writing schedule for it.  No excuse, just an explanation. Do I have any thoughts of a political nature?  Not recently.  It’s the same old shit, isn’t it? […]

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Some moments from yesterday

Moment 1 I was at work yesterday (yes another work story), and Boris the Soviet Love Hammer was there again, buying his 40s of Bud Light and a handful of scratch-off tickets and lotto tickets.  It’s difficult to communicate with a person with a thick accent.  It’s doubly difficult to do it when he’s drunk […]

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The Wrong Trousers!

In most jobs, there is some kind of dress code or even a strict uniform.  Mine is no exception.  The uniform is: white button-up shirt, tie, khaki pants, name tag, shoes of some kind. Last night, I was expecting to be working alongside a particular coworker.  This coworker was the same one I described in […]

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Some more people I meet at work

Idiot Child with Brass Balls In this country (USA, FYI), there are certain substances that require you to be a certain age to purchase them.  And when you are younger than that age, it can be difficult to obtain those things.  A few of those youngsters come into the store in groups, pick out some […]

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The Hardest Lesson

Early last week, while I was doing my damndest at work while fighting off whatever horrible disease I’d carried home from traveling, another employee walked off the job.  He was in the middle of doing something outside of the store and just left.  He was AWOL for the rest of the week.  Nobody heard from […]

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A little bit of everything

I know that I promised to write up a review of Stephen Blackmoore’s new book Dead Things, but I still need a little more time to think and edit the post so it looks all profound and stuff. Instead, I’ll tell you what I made last night.  Well, that’s not entirely accurate.  This is something I […]

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Casualty of Job

The following post is just to catch you all up on my story, so you’re not left wondering what the hell I’m talking about in my future posts. My previous job, as an engineer in a corn ethanol facility, was filled with danger.  There’s the inherent dangers of any industrial environment, like big heavy things […]

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