Oh Crap This Is Still Here

That’s right, I still have a blog.

No, no, I didn’t just forget that I had a blog.  I’m just really really bad at keeping some kind of writing schedule for it.  No excuse, just an explanation.

Do I have any thoughts of a political nature?  Not recently.  It’s the same old shit, isn’t it?

How about religion?  What’s there to say that I haven’t already said?

What about beer?  Beer’s always good.  And Memphis has treated me well with its local brews.  There’s also a brewing supply store only a couple of blocks away from me, so I don’t have an excuse now.  In fact, I went there in the middle of writing this to buy supplies for the weekend.  Pretty stoked.

How about work?  It’s not like it was a couple years ago.  I’m not complaining about the latest exploits of weirdos coming into a gas station while I sell them worthless shit.  Now I get to revel in the exploits of the weirdos I work with while I do bleeding-edge R&D.  I’m somehow an environmental engineer / programmer.  It’s the nerdiest thing I’ve ever done.  That’s a lie.  It’s the nerdiest thing I’ve been paid to do.  That’s more like it.

I’ve talked to a few folks about possibly doing authorship on this blog.  Hopefully it’ll happen sooner rather than later.

Anyway, another episode of Freddy’s Fan Fiction aired.  I’m pretty proud of it, so you should give it a watch.

Take care internet!  I’ll be back soon.

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