Just like me

It’s just like me to make a blog, put up a post, and neglect it for months.  It’s something I’m really good at.  I do this when it comes to friends, too.  When I go, I tell them “yeah, I’ll try to get in touch with you.  I’ll be online. I’ll give you a call.”  But it’ll be months before they hear from me again.  So another lot of time passes before contact.  And I can feel it slipping away, like some poor soul on a muddy slope, and I refuse to reach out for the shame of letting it get like that in the first place.  But here I am, trying.  Will I make it?  Does anybody care if I do?

I suppose work is going alright.  I’m still employed, although I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to be doing.  There’s word of us new folks being pimped about, but I’ve heard none of it personally.  Until then, I’m just a third wheel with no project or home.  Patiently watching the lab technician or the waste treatment operator do their jobs, while I sit on my thumbs, not qualified to do anything but continue to watch.

I’d tell details about my job, but I bet the big cheeses have like 30 people hired just to spy on employee blogs and facebook pages to make sure we’re not telling important company secrets.  To all you corporate internal spies:  I don’t take it personally.  You’re just doing your job.  Enjoy it.  And go get that second cup of coffee.  You’ll need it.

My trophy wife continues to be really quite awesome.  She’s so focused and enthusiastic about her job.  I keep telling her that she’s the medical version of a rock star.  I know she won’t read this blog, but I hope she knows how much I’m inspired by her.  She… completes me.

You can all take a shower now to clean up that syrupy-sweetness.

In other news, I’m nearing the end of The Dark Tower.  Stephen King will live forever with his books.  He’s inspired me to think about a story of my own.  Not neccessarily a publishable book, but I still like telling stories.  I seem to be good at telling them out loud, and people seem to enjoy listening.  Perhaps I can translate that to paper?  We’ll see.  My day job is to go to a corn plant and watch people work, remember?

I’ll try to remember to keep this up semi-regularly.  Who knows, someone might even read it!

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