First Draft

If you don’t know me very well, know this: I like to brew. Beer, specifically. When touring the different departments around the plant, I would occasionally mention my hobby when the subject came up.  Sorry, I lied.  I pretty much told anyone who would listen about my obsession.  I did some tests on a sample of my long-waiting barleywine, called “Snowfort Barleywine”.  The tests show the alcohol content to be 13.2%.  Holy Crap. I started this beer with my friend, Davey back in January.  It’s been waiting (patiently) until the unveiling.  I’m kinda nervous, because it’s a long time to wait to see if I screwed something up.  I think it will turn out alright, though.  I’m looking forward to imbibing.

This is how the beer was cooled after boiling.  In an honest-to-goodness snowfort
This is how the beer was cooled after boiling. In an honest-to-goodness snowfort

This is not one to be chugged.  This is to be enjoyed for a long evening with family and friends.  Also, no driving afterwards.  I’m going to do a taste test this weekend.  Of course I’ll give the results of that, too.  I know it smells good, so that’s a good sign.

In other news, I spent the day working in the waste treatment department at work.  It kinda smells funny, but that’s almost the point.  We use bacteria to eat anything that we don’t want to end up in the streams and rivers.  After we’re done with it, the water is cleaner than river water.  Yay us.

I’m still in the dark about where I’ll be ending up.  No big surprise there.  It does get frustrating, though.  How am I supposed to think about my journey as an engineer if I can’t even see a path.  I could blaze my own trail, but somehow I think the company has other ideas for me.  I just wish they’d tell me what they were.

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