In my continuing rotation around the different departments at work, I spent my first day at the Elevator department.  It’s not disclosing company secrets to say that the corn silos are really really tall.  The superintendent was impressed that I was not freaking out about being up so high, while only having some see-through pieces of metal grating between me and a highly kinetic death.

I was impressed too.  As much as I trust engineers in every aspect of my life (my apartment still stands, my car doesn’t spontaneously explode, there’s minimal cyanide in my food), nothing puts that trust to the test more than thinly-veiled imminent doom.

Of course nothing bad happened.  People have been walking on that metal-grating walkway for many years, and it’s still as rugged and solid as ever.

In other news, what chance does a guy like me have in writing a book?  Getting it published?  Zero, if I don’t write it.  So I’m writing.  We’ll see how long this lasts.  I’m not gonna discuss the plot or anything.  Nothing’s for sure until the end.

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