Yearly check-in time

It’s true! I’m still here. I’m posting. And LOL at that title, it’s been far more than a year since I’ve pinned something to this blog. Plenty has happened in the meantime, and I feel like I’m more inclined to check in and write here more frequently. I’ve gotten a different job. Still using my […]

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Molecule Wrangling

The job is keeping me busy.  I’m thankful that they seem to truly value a good balance between work and life.  I get to do things here that I haven’t done anywhere else before.  I get to work with reactors, tons of different chemicals I’ve never heard of before, and I get to start new […]

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Things are great, etc…

Work is busy and fun. A whole lot of drama has exited my life, and I feel more like a whole person again. I may eventually get back to philosophizing on this blog again soon, because I don’t have to deal with lawyers or other kinds of stress.

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This morning (Thursday), I’m heading out to my favorite stomping grounds (in fact, the place I consider to be ‘home’).  I have some good friends who have organized SoDak Con.  It’s an anime convention, but over the years it has evolved into the premier gathering of nerdy goodness in South Dakota and the surrounding region. […]

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How should an employee behave?

If you’re a reader of my blog, you may remember a post a couple of months ago called How Should a Manager Behave?   In a store, the expectation of proper behavior is not a one way street.  It’s not even a two way street.  Actually, it’s not a street.  It’s a store with many interactions […]

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Some moments from yesterday

Moment 1 I was at work yesterday (yes another work story), and Boris the Soviet Love Hammer was there again, buying his 40s of Bud Light and a handful of scratch-off tickets and lotto tickets.  It’s difficult to communicate with a person with a thick accent.  It’s doubly difficult to do it when he’s drunk […]

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The Wrong Trousers!

In most jobs, there is some kind of dress code or even a strict uniform.  Mine is no exception.  The uniform is: white button-up shirt, tie, khaki pants, name tag, shoes of some kind. Last night, I was expecting to be working alongside a particular coworker.  This coworker was the same one I described in […]

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Social Safety Sieve

If you’ve read my blog before, you may remember me mentioning Soul-Crushing Perspective Lady.  I see her come in now and again, trading cans and bottles for a nickel each.  Yesterday she came in with bags and bags of cans and bottles for gas money to be able to get to the free community hospital. It […]

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Do you work for the Red Queen?

I made it to a coffee shop, so here’s what I would have posted yesterday! I had an especially frustrating day at work.  It’s nothing new.  Everyone has frustrating days at work.  I felt like I was spinning my wheels, getting nowhere, feeling particularly useless.  It’s not through lack of hard work.  I ran my […]

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