I Am Batman

No, I haven’t been playing that game for way too long.  I’ve already beaten it.  It was fun, but too short.  Here’s how it really is:  I’m home in Worthington now for the Labor Day weekend.  And the moment I get home, I see the door to the house propped open.  It’s because there’s a bat in the basement, and mom wants it to fly out.  So I scurry in, and let it stay in the basement.  This morning, though, we checked for the bat and discovered it hadn’t left yet.  So I was put on the duty of grabbing the bat and tossing it outside.  I put on my leather gloves and hold on to the bat sheet (heh) and wrap it up and take it outside.  Poor thing.  It’s the middle of the day and now it’s been plopped on the ground.  It’s still there on the ground, sleeping.

I am the Bat Man.

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