Officially Driving the Booze Bus

I arrived at work this morning, just myself and the other engineer in the alcohol department.  The superintendent took a three-day weekend, and he’ll be back tomorrow.  I learned that my partner, the one who has been showing me the ropes for the past month, has been relocated to a different plant.  He stayed for one last day, just to make sure that I knew all the minutae of how to run the place, as well as dumping tons of projects on me.  I had been gliding along just fine, but now I’m going to be like everyone else: going a jillion miles an hour.  And I don’t think I mind.  When things pile up, the time zips by.  Eventually enough time will pass that I’ll find myself at a crossroads.  Fortunately, this crossroads is one that I’ve been driving toward.  I’ll meet it and know exactly where to go.

In other news, I exorcised Windows from my netbook and installed Ubuntu Linux.  The thing actually does what it’s supposed to do.  I now classify Windows as malware.

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