Magnet of Woo

Bear with me – I’m writing this on my blackberry, so it’ll be short.

I’ve been ‘discussing’ some topics on my facebook page after I posted a link from a guy who made a list of what skeptics (like me) really believe. Most people I know agreed with me (big surprise there) that this particular guy is a wing-nut loon.

But one person spoke out against science, the FDA/CDC, and pretty much anything to do with modernity. This person noted that I work for ADM, and probably assumes that I am a corporate shill spreading propaganda.

I’m not blaming him for believing that. But I’m struggling to think of a way to get my point across that my opinion is my own, and that ADM does not and will never control what I think.

Any ideas how to respond to the paranoids out there? Or am I better off just playing tennis vs. a wall?

2 thoughts on “Magnet of Woo

  1. It seems to me any response you make will sound defensive. You’re probably better off ignoring the guy. An old proverb says, “Do not answer a fool according to his folly, or you will be like him yourself.”


  2. I guess my problem fixed itself. I have a ton of friends and family who responded to him better than I could. And I like that proverb, too, by the way


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