Magnet of Woo

Bear with me – I’m writing this on my blackberry, so it’ll be short.

I’ve been ‘discussing’ some topics on my facebook page after I posted a link from a guy who made a list of what skeptics (like me) really believe. Most people I know agreed with me (big surprise there) that this particular guy is a wing-nut loon.

But one person spoke out against science, the FDA/CDC, and pretty much anything to do with modernity. This person noted that I work for ADM, and probably assumes that I am a corporate shill spreading propaganda.

I’m not blaming him for believing that. But I’m struggling to think of a way to get my point across that my opinion is my own, and that ADM does not and will never control what I think.

Any ideas how to respond to the paranoids out there? Or am I better off just playing tennis vs. a wall?