Motivated to Write

I’m motivated to get to writing my story. I’ve got a few ideas brewing in my head, but the motivation only seems to happen when I’m at my day job.

How do I go about keeping that motivation after work is finished? Sometimes I’m exhausted, sometimes I have to go to the gym, but there’s always some kind of excuse. I’m not putting Black on White, and it’s bugging me.

I know there’s always time, but I feel I have to sacrifice something to be able to use it. Maybe I’m just inefficient, and I should use the time I have for writing, instead of resting. I mean, my body’s only sitting there while I write, so I’ll get the physical rest I need while I exercise my creative side. I just have to spend less time on the damn internet or videogames. Stop consuming so much stuff and make some stuff of my own.

I guess I just worked this out in front of you guys (guy). Stream-of-consciousness can be a great problem solving tool. Thanks for reading, and let me know if you writers have other tips for finding time.