A little levity

Yesterday’s post was a bit heavy, and I don’t want to overly weigh people down.

So let’s talk about silly things.

First, I want to direct you to Episode 18 of Talking Shit with Dave and Earl.  I was on this episode, and I had a blast.  It’s titled “It’s Raining Men.”  It will make sense once you give it a listen.  Subscribe to and follow Govneh on all her stuff.  She’s funny as hell and can sometimes even say something profound.  You’ll thank me.

Second, I have a show of my own coming up tomorrow.  Yes, that’s right, Freddy’s Fan Fiction episode 7 will air LIVE at 9:30-ish PM Central Daylight Time!  You can watch it on my YouTube channel, or you can wait a bit and check it out the audio-only podcast version (it might take a day or two for me to stitch together the audio version, so just subscribe to it on iTunes and you’ll get it automatically).

I’m really looking forward to this episode.  There are two exclusive stories!  You read that right!  Two stories!  One of them was written by me.  If you watched / listened to the last episode, you’ll remember that I volunteered to write the story and that my prompts were: 1) Borg Slash Fiction, 2) My Little Pony, and 3) Winged goddamn Fairies.   I have it written and it’s marinating in a fine shame sauce.  But I was surprised when I was told that there is another new exclusive story, written by a fan, and it’s a fan fiction of Freddy’s Fan Fiction!  WE ARE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS.  I have no idea who wrote this, but I’m excited to present it on the air.

I really hope to see you guys there.  Subscribe to my Youtube channel.  Subscribe to my podcast.  I love love love doing the show, and I want more people to know about it.  Tell your friends, share it once or twice on your social media, listen, and even contribute!  Yes, you can contribute!  Try out some of the fan fic writing prompts yourself and see if you can come up with something as good as me or my guests.  If you don’t want to write something, you can still point me in the direction of good  Fan Fiction.

Send your stuff to me at freddysfanfiction *at* gmail {dot} com.  If I think your stuff is good, I’ll totally present it on the air.

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