REVIEW – Southern Gods

Light spoilers in this review.  Deal with it. The Lovecraft Mythos has ground itself deeply into our modern fairy tales and horror stories.  Sometimes it’s subtle and not directly mentioned.  But some modern stories have Lovecraft as the centerpiece.  Southern Gods by John Hornor Jacobs does the latter.  The story takes place in the early […]

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Over the past week, I’ve been listening to and reading bits and pieces of a story that my wife is creating.  It’s a damn clever story, and I’m thrilled to be able to help out with a lot of the plot and character development.  I get to see and hear her clacking away on the […]

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Sensitive Saturday – moo

Bessie had the name of a cow. She was standing in a field with all of her friends, eating grass. They weren’t eating grass.  Just Bessie.  She wasn’t actually a cow.  They were becoming concerned. The other thing that concerned her friends was the constant stalking of Farmer Bob.  She would surprise him some mornings, […]

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The Wrong Trousers!

In most jobs, there is some kind of dress code or even a strict uniform.  Mine is no exception.  The uniform is: white button-up shirt, tie, khaki pants, name tag, shoes of some kind. Last night, I was expecting to be working alongside a particular coworker.  This coworker was the same one I described in […]

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