Deleran at the Moathouse

Because of the very nice day outside, I completely spaced writing today’s blog entry. But that’s okay. I’m gonna steal a blog entry from a friend of mine.

I’ve recently really gotten back into tabletop RPG games, thanks to the efforts of my buddy Sam. He introduced me to some of his gaming friends, and I’ve been playing along with them for the past few months now. And because of this, I’ve gained a new favorite roleplaying system, called Burning Wheel. It’s pretty much exactly how I’ve always wanted to play RPGs; with actual role-play. Your character has beliefs and thoughts that are all her own, and that is the main idea behind the game. Yes, there are awesome fighting and conflict rules, but those don’t seem as important as actually being your character.

While all the other game systems that I’ve played before were focused more on becoming an amazing, untouchable demigod-like person (which can get pretty unbelievable a lot of the time), Burning Wheel has you making difficult choices. It encourages you to take risks. And failing at a task is just as interesting (and sometimes more interesting) than succeeding at a task. You don’t get ‘levels’. Your character just gets better at doing the things she does the most often. Only by using a skill will you get better at that skill. You make your character by playing your character.

The people who created Burning Wheel are creating a new game, called Torchbearer. It has similar rules and mechanics to Burning Wheel, but it’s more focused on dungeon crawling, like the old-school D&D does. I’m very excited to give it a try. His post is about a test run of Torchbearer that he and some other folks did.

Also, if you’re into gaming and stuff, subscribe to his blog, ‘I Burn Everything.’

I Burn Everything

My good friend, Sean Nittner, offered to run a little test-run of Thor Olavsrud and Luke Crane’s new game, Torchbearer. I created Deleran Ap Denemir, an Elven Ranger from the remote village of Nulb, and he joined up with a couple of gents from Hommlet and Verbobonc and headed out to an old abandoned moathouse, hoping for maybe a little treasure, maybe a little fame.

I’m not going to bore you with a full account of what happened. Also, this isn’t really a review of Torchbearer as a game.

What I will tell you is this: Creating a character for Torchbearer is a fuckton of fun. Seriously.

Yeah, there’s a list of questions, kind of like in Mouse Guard, but it seems like, if you’re just jumping into the game, you can pretty much be left to your own devices for most of it, maybe have the…

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