Hey Mom

Hey Mom,

I know I haven’t been around lately.  I’m out living in the world, usually hundreds of miles away from you.  I’m succeeding and failing, loving and loathing.  But you’re always near me.  The values you and dad taught to me are with me, and they always will be.  I’m a good person.  I have empathy.  I always consider the other person’s point of view.  I try to find the time and energy to help anyone who might need it without regard for repayment.  Because of you, I disdain needless destruction and violence.  I prefer humor and laughter and kind words.

I love logic and science.  I love good storytelling.  I’ll always love travel.  I know I can try anything and succeed at anything because you let me try anything.  You set me up early for an amazing life, despite anything that might push back your own personal plans.  The perspective of hindsight has shown me the sacrifices and lean times that you’ve gone through, and I completely and utterly appreciate them.

Thank you thank you thank you.  I love you so much, and I’m very proud to be your son.  You created two amazing adults.

Two Amazing Adults.
Two Amazing Adults.

I hope you know how much we love you.  Happy Mother’s Day!

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