Sensitive Saturday – moo

Bessie had the name of a cow.

She was standing in a field with all of her friends, eating grass.

They weren’t eating grass.  Just Bessie.  She wasn’t actually a cow.  They were becoming concerned.

The other thing that concerned her friends was the constant stalking of Farmer Bob.  She would surprise him some mornings, waiting in the milking shed.  He would force her out of the shed quickly, afraid of what she would say to him.  Usually all she said was “moo.”

She wasn’t like this anywhere else.  Only on the farm.  In the field or in the milking shed.

Her friends were trying for an intervention, but she would only moo at them.  They would talk to her and explain that it was really quite unsociable to do act like a cow.  Farmer Bob was there with them, since he asked them to come over to see if they could help.  Bessie only quirked her head to the side, not understanding a word they said.

Long story short, she died soon after.  Cause of death: Eating way too much grass.

2 thoughts on “Sensitive Saturday – moo

    1. For some reason I thought of the first sentence last night while watching someone buy milk. The rest is stream of consciousness, though I don’t think that helps my case any.


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