This Trendy “Strong is the New Skinny” Thing (and what it could mean for the next generation of girls)

I think women and girls should totally take a look at this post. Skinny has really never been that impressive, in my opinion. A strong, confident woman, who has her shit together (or is in the process of getting her shit together), who can lead or think or stand proudly is light-years beyond a woman who starves herself in the hope of being accepted. I realize it can be very complicated figuring that out as a girl and a young woman, but we men should place value in strength and fortitude. I’ve been blessed with a family of strong women. It’s really fun to be married to a badass.


*UPDATE: Here’s a PG-Version of this blog post, for those of you who wish to Spread the Strength among those of innocent ears*

First of all, hi everyone. It feels like I haven’t blogged about anything sociologically substantial in a while, and I might be a bit rusty so please pardon the potentially poor prose.


Now that I’ve graduated from McGill and no longer have to whittle away the hours of cushy student life by blogging nonsensically about sociological things, what have I been doing with myself?

WELL. That brings me to today’s topic.

My strange, wonderful, and illuminating journey working in the fitness industry.

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