It’s good to make friends with your neighbors

I’ve been unable to mow my lawn for the past week.  And in that past week it has been rainy and warm.  If you’ve ever had a patch of grass surrounding your house, you know that rainy and warm is like crack to grass.  It just soaks it up and grows like crazy.

I also have a sub-standard lawn mower.  It’s a reel mower (you push it and the reel spins to push the blades of grass against the sharp part, no gasoline required).  I love it, except for when the grass grows too long.  If it’s too long, the grass is pretty much immune to the mower.

So I decided to make a friend yesterday.  He has a gas lawn mower.  I let him complain to me about his shitty day, I gave him a glass of beer, and then I complimented his lawn.  I compared it to mine, saying that there was no way I could get it back to normal with my dumb lawn mower.  He said that he had a gas mower that could get it back to normal.  I said oh yeah, that would be great!  I’d top off the tank and make sure it got back to him in just the same condition that he’d lend it to me.

So now I have a friend next door.  And I have his lawn mower in my garage.  I’ll have to wait to mow since it’s raining now (again), but soon our lawn will be just as manicured as any other.

I can’t wait to get a house in the country where we could just get some goats to mow the lawn for us.

4 thoughts on “It’s good to make friends with your neighbors

  1. Well played. I’ve been thinking about moving closer to Marion for my job, but I’m not looking forward to having to deal with lawn care and snow removal on my own. What’s the snow removal equivalent of a goat to grass?


    1. You don’t need to remove the snow, just get snow dogs or if you really want a clear trail teach a horde of dogs to dig on command. My favorite is saying your snowed in and playing board games for a week.


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