Aftermath of the Con

Over the weekend, I got to go to a convention in Rapid City, South Dakota called SoDak Con.  It was great to see friends that I either haven’t seen in a while, or have never met in person before.  I was touted as an ‘Industry Guest’ and I had two panels during the con.  Did I mention that I’ve never been to a con before?

One of the panels was just me talking about what to think about when making your own game, while describing the process when I made my game.  It went better than I expected, especially since I really had no legitimate claim to being a voice of authority on the subject.  And my other panel was a live episode of Freddy’s Fan Fiction.  There were a couple of dozen people in attendance, and I was really happy with how it turned out.  Yet again, Govneh wrote a super-disturbing fan fic exclusive to the show.  You can go and read it here.

Well, I’m pretty damn tired still, and I have people to hang out with.  Ciao.

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