This morning (Thursday), I’m heading out to my favorite stomping grounds (in fact, the place I consider to be ‘home’).  I have some good friends who have organized SoDak Con.  It’s an anime convention, but over the years it has evolved into the premier gathering of nerdy goodness in South Dakota and the surrounding region.

To be frank, I’ve never been to a Con before.  They are popping my Con cherry.  I was fortunate enough to have my friends invite me to present my misadventures in designing a tabletop game.  I’m not nervous, but I also have no idea what to expect.  I hope I present some useful advice for anyone who also wants to make a game.

On top of that, they have obliged my whims and allotted me time to do a live Freddy’s Fan Fiction show on Friday evening.  It’s gonna be so cool!  So far, my guests will be Jamie, Matt, Red, and Kristin.  So next week when you see the show air on YouTube, it’s not going to be live for you.  It’s going to be a recording of what we’re doing this upcoming Friday.

In other news: I’ve had a good time writing about the shit and shenanigans that goes on at the gas station.  But it has been steadily eroding my sanity and soul.  So at this moment, I no longer work there.  It was an amicable split, but it was needed.  Hopefully the other job I have lined up will materialize sooner rather than later.  If not, I may have to look for some other kind of work.  (FYI, if you know of a good online/work-at-home job, I’m game.  I’ll take anyone’s money.)

Also, I just bottled a bit of my beer that I brewed a while back.  I’m bringing some to my friends who are putting me up for the Con, and I’m giving some to some buddies who helped us with a big project a few months back.  I love beer.

Hope the weekend treats you well!  Not sure if I’ll be able to get a post up for Friday.  If I do, yay me!  If I don’t, I’ll be back again, don’t you worry.


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