The tyranny of my plugged-up ear

I’m at home from the office today, much more healthy than yesterday, but still coughing and feeling more or less gross.

It doesn’t help that my left ear is having difficulty hearing because of some fluid that I’d rather not think about.  I’m able to hear clearly and relieve the pressure on my sinuses when hanging my head off the side of the bed.  I believe that simple fact is an argument against intelligent design.  Our sinuses drain upside down.  How dumb is that?

Anyway, my ear is just uncooperative, and I hate it.  You’re probably right in assuming a slow news day over here.  I’m going to try other things like quickly shaking my head like a wet dog.  Or banging the side of my head on a table.  Or reading The Fountainhead.  Any kind of cranial trauma will do.

Wish me luck!


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