The tyranny of my plugged-up ear

I’m at home from the office today, much more healthy than yesterday, but still coughing and feeling more or less gross. It doesn’t help that my left ear is having difficulty hearing because of some fluid that I’d rather not think about.  I’m able to hear clearly and relieve the pressure on my sinuses when […]

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At home. Guess I’m gonna blog.

Hey.  Remember me? Didn’t think so.  I’ve been around for a bit, but I haven’t been writing.  “And why not?” you’re not asking. Well, it’s because I wasn’t really proud of myself.  The things I wrote and read back to myself were things I didn’t want to face.  I was working a job that didn’t […]

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Blank Page

Here I am with my blog in front of me.  A blank white page waiting for me to fill it.  What do I put in it?  Do I tell you yet again what I did yesterday?  Do I complain about work again?  Do I tell you how good I feel after running? I suppose I’ll […]

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Everyone has one of those periods of time where they just get exhausted.  This is one of those times for me, and especially for Dr. TFred.  I typically spend my Tuesday and Wednesday nights playing games on Google+ hangouts with my very good friends, and those hangout sessions are a time for me to get […]

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My wife, Dr. TFred, works at a hospital as a surgery resident.  In this hospital, there is a surgery resident lounge where the residents can do their paperwork, watch TV, relax on a couch, and have pretty much all their needs taken care of. This is all because of Jimmy. Jimmy is the caretaker of […]

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The Helpers

I want to crawl into a hole.  I want to plug my ears and make it go away.  What makes a person do this to other people?  Are there more people out there like that?  I’m talking about the bombing of the Boston Marathon.  Peoples’ lives erased or changed forever.  What’s the use in feeling […]

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