Break something with Jesus this weekend

This is the weekend I get a crowbar to tear apart a wooden monstrosity in my home. I’m moving soon, and I don’t want to bring this dead weight with me.


It’s too heavy and bulky for me to just pick up and move by myself, and it definitely won’t fit in my Prius. So violent deconstruction seems like the most soul-enriching way to make it not my problem anymore.

I know some of you might be celebrating the Holy Day of Easter, so I hope you have a fulfilling holiday! But may I suggest taking a small amount of time to violently destroy something? (specifically a non-living thing you have the right to destroy) Soul enrichment is an additive activity. You can do both and be twice as fulfilled.

Whatever you do to make this weekend special, tell me about it in the comment section! Let’s share this special time.

Peace and violence!

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