The New Job in The New Place

I’ve told folks on my social media, but I realized I haven’t posted here for a bit. All of what follows is because of Tara. She’s been a rock for me when things were bad, and she stuck with me. And things kept getting better. She is very insistent that I understand my self-worth and […]

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I know, I know.  Saturdays are supposed to be for my artistic writing endeavors.  I’ve decided to expand it to any kind of artistic endeavor at all.  That includes making beer.  About a month and a half ago, I had a post about brewing a beer.  Well, it’s been a while, and the fermenting has […]


Sensitive Saturday – moo

Bessie had the name of a cow. She was standing in a field with all of her friends, eating grass. They weren’t eating grass.  Just Bessie.  She wasn’t actually a cow.  They were becoming concerned. The other thing that concerned her friends was the constant stalking of Farmer Bob.  She would surprise him some mornings, […]

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Sensitive Saturday

I’ve arbitrarily decided that I will designate Saturday as my day to create poems or insightful, thoughtful fiction.  Thus, Sensitive Saturday.  Also, I’ve decided to make Sunday my day of rest.  Because, like god, I get tired.  So I won’t post anything on Sundays. My buddy, Govneh, has been posting poetry of hers from grade […]

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