Addicted to Marvel (and other non-related topics)

First, despite what the title says, I have not yet seen “Civil War”, so this won’t spoil anything for you.  Also, you vermin out there better not spoil it for me.  Or else I’ll…  um…  be mad?  or something?  Whatever, you’re good people, I ain’t worried.

Had a discussion recently, and I learned that there are some people out there who don’t schedule their lives around the release of superhero movies.  Pretty weird if you ask me.  But I don’t judge.  I’m going to see “Civil War” this weekend with my friends, and I’ve kinda had that planned in my head for, I dunno, a few months now.

I’m kinda the same with the fire-hose of Star Wars movies coming out.

Okay, this is more of a stream-of-consciousness post.  Because work is crazy busy and awesome.  And I’m recovering from the World Barbecue Championships last night.  Randomly met a fellow Canadian engineer (she recognized me from my Order of the Engineer ring).  She was making barbecue and handing out Canadian flags.  I was simply walking around and looking for barbecue to eat.  Never met an engineer that way before, and it was pretty cool.  But today I took the unprecedented step of sleeping in an extra hour because my body rebelled from all the smoked meat and beer.  WORTH IT.

The following are photos of yesterday’s revelry on the bank of the Mississippi.

BBQ is serious business



The Canadians were well represented


So yeah, I know a guy.  I was able to eat championship BBQ.  YUMMM
Yeah, it’s kind of insane here.  Many thousands of people.
Beautiful, beautiful day for a festival on the river

Take care, y’all!  😀

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