We done found some gators

Turns out I now live near where wild alligators live.  So Tara decided that it would be awesome to go take a look-see!  What we discovered was that the shore of the lake where the gators live is also a great spot for people to hang out with their tiny children and small dogs.  We […]

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Not much to say

Hey dudes and dudettes. Ever had depression? It kinda sucks.  I’ve been susceptible to it for quite a while.  I needed medication when I first got it, and it took a lot for me to be able to keep it under control.  Recently it’s showed its ugly head to me again, and I’ve been having […]

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New Things

[Note: This post is inspired by MsKristina85 and a comment she made on my last post.  Thanks!] I love to try new things.  There are so many experiences out there that might seem weird or dangerous or even disgusting. I’ve gone skydiving. I’ve dressed up as the strange buffalo-headed god from Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. And […]

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The place I work, which will remain nameless until I finally leave it, is a gas station that serves hot food.  This hot food has to be ready for any customer whenever they want it.  The majority of this food is pizza slices, and they can only be left in the food warmer for 90 […]

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Cheat Day

I’ve been doing things lately to make myself a bit more healthy.  I’ve been eating much better.  I especially have forced myself to eat nothing (or at least very little) from the gas station I work at.  We make pizza and hot dogs and all the other carnival food that many Americans just consider ‘lunch’. […]

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My wife, Dr. TFred, works at a hospital as a surgery resident.  In this hospital, there is a surgery resident lounge where the residents can do their paperwork, watch TV, relax on a couch, and have pretty much all their needs taken care of. This is all because of Jimmy. Jimmy is the caretaker of […]

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Sensitive Saturday

I’ve arbitrarily decided that I will designate Saturday as my day to create poems or insightful, thoughtful fiction.  Thus, Sensitive Saturday.  Also, I’ve decided to make Sunday my day of rest.  Because, like god, I get tired.  So I won’t post anything on Sundays. My buddy, Govneh, has been posting poetry of hers from grade […]

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