I have too much tea

No, that’s a lie.  I have enough tea for me.  Too much for others.  Or the others perhaps like to comment on the volume of tea I have.  Regardless, I like tea, and I drink a lot of it and I have a dedicated portion of my work space with large bags of loose-leaf tea.

It has drawn the interest of others at work.  They’ve come by and asked what they taste like, since I have so many flavors.  More than just “black” tea in teabags, which is all there is in the break room.  So I brew up some of my favorites for them, and they love it.  My coworkers go to the website that I order all my tea from (Adagio Teas, if you’re wondering.)  They’ve decided to get their own stash and their own tea hardware.

I’ve planted a seed of tea-snob culture here in the petrochemical manufacturing heart of Texas.  Chamomile and mint aromas stand out from the amines and furans and other fun concoctions that are typically experienced.  We may be blue-collar, but that doesn’t mean unsophisticated.