How to Properly Perform a New Home Freakout

We bought a house last week.  WE BOUGHT A HOUSE LAST WEEK!!

And so, that means getting things moved in, getting walls painted the proper shade of whatever color you want them to be, and generally running around like a completely unorganized, excited, tired person.

We had four visitors of note, (one actual human) with varying degrees of auspiciousness.

  1. The tree frog we found in our mailbox, as shown in the featured image.  It seems Mr. McFeely owns a tropical wildlife sanctuary, but still pines for the good ol’ days.
  2. An Armored Snoot, who apparently lives under our house, protecting it from – I dunno – bugs or something?
  3. Dennis.  (this was the human)  He’s a good close friend, and he came to visit from one of those other coasts.  He was lucky enough to plan his trip while we moved the biggest and heaviest of the things, and he jumped in to help with that.  He also supplied fantastic tequila.

    Smiley pose at the beach
    It was probably the most beautiful day at the beach this year, and we were blessed to have a good friend to share it with
  4. And then there was the plague.  The Swarm.  The Full-On Panic-Causing Little Critter that made us temporarily Lose Our Shit.  Because at first, we didn’t know we had moved precisely at the time they do their annual swarm.  We thought they were residents – here before us and here to stay.  I’m talking about this guy:
    Teeny Termite

    This is a termite.  They swarm, and their swarms inevitably find their kind in peoples’ houses.  Thankfully, after wondering if the house was on the verge of collapsing, we talked to the entomologists in the family, and we talked to the previous owners.  It wasn’t an infestation.  Just a normal thing.  If we do the termite treatment like we were planning on doing anyway, there’s nothing to worry about.

It was our first homeowner freakout!  And it turned out to be benign!  Good hurdle to clear.  Guess it’s back to painting!

Applying primer to the walls
From blue to yellow, we’ll have a nice, bright room to greet us each morning.

Looking forward to more pics and stories as we continue the latest stage in our lives.

Love and peace, y’all!

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